In concert with furniture sales, designer support is available by trained in-house personnel.  Their extensive knowledge of systems furniture and the specification process, coupled with our CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAP (Computer Aided Planning) capabilities, provide invaluable assistance to designers and clients. Whether working with the client to do take-offs, creating drawings for installation and specification, or meeting with the client’s team to brainstorm potential product solutions, USBI’s objective is to support both our customers and the design community with services that support the design and space planning process and achieve the design intent for the project.

The Designer’s responsibilities include:

  • Assist in finalizing typical and product specifications
  • Create final furniture layouts and specifications
  • Review plans for local code compliance
  • Upon plan approval, CAP specifications or a preliminary quote are provided for client approval
  • Field verify critical dimensions on site
  • Create installation packages, including any necessary tagging
  • Review key plans with the team
  • Installation plans created
  • Post-installation walk through to update drawings should any changes occur during installation